vaginal mesh injuries

 Vaginal Mesh Injuries

Hundreds of thousands of women have received a vaginal mesh implant in conjunction with treatment for uterine prolapse or pelvic organ prolapse. Unfortunately, a large number of those women have reported vaginal mesh injuries that are not only very frightening but extremely painful and sometimes fatal.

 Most Commonly Reported Vaginal Mesh Injuries

  •  Mesh Contraction – According to an article in Obstetrics & Gynecology, many women experienced contraction of the vaginal mesh after surgery. Vaginal mesh contraction causes vaginal shortening, tightening and severe pain, especially during sex. This particular vaginal mesh injury is most commonly associated with prolapse repair surgery.
  •  Surgical Mesh Erosion – One of the most common of the many vaginal mesh complications is vaginal mesh erosion. According to an analysis of nearly 12,000 women, about 10 percent reported vaginal mesh erosion within a year after surgery. If the vaginal mesh erodes into the bladder, it can result in blood in the urine, recurrent urinary tract infections, or fistula (causing urine to drain into the bladder). If the mesh has erodes into the bowel or rectum, this can result in pain, infection, draining of stool into the vagina and bleeding with bowel movements.
  • Bowel Perforation – A perforated bowel can cause extreme pain and sickness as food, feces and intestinal acids leak through the rupture. Surgery to repair a perforation is essential and should be carried out as soon as it is detected to ensure no further damage or infection is caused.
  • Bladder Perforation – When vaginal mesh patches become displaced, they can puncture the bladder once or multiple times. A bladder perforation injury can be fatal. Symptoms of a vaginal mesh bladder perforation injury will vary depending on the location and severity of the trauma. Most women affected by transvaginal mesh bladder perforation will experience abdominal inflammation,  bloating,  blood in urine, (hematuria) difficulty or inability to urinate, pain and/or tenderness in the lower abdomen and painful urination.
  • Hemorrhage – Blood loss is one of the major complications of hemorrhage. If bleeding does not stop, the surgeon needs to find the source of the bleeding and stop it. Sometimes, blood transfusions are required. Anemia is another complication of hemorrhage.

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